Few people have cared enough to ask, but I’ve always wondered: what the hell is wrong with me?  When I was younger, I was always the odd one out.  I had friends, I even had best friends, but we never stayed best friends longer than the school year.  Nobody invited me to hang out after... Continue Reading →

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One thing I noticed that tends to be a trait among autistics and people with ADHD is hyperfocusing - and not only on things or activities but people too. This trait is definitely emphasized in myself due to codependency, but I found that especially autistic people will do this too: we only make one friend... Continue Reading →

Today, I Love Myself

Codependency is caused by a lack of love for oneself. The inability to make yourself happy. I have been codependent for a long time. It started when I attached myself to someone who I needed around at school, otherwise I would be miserable the entire day. When I was there, he was the only thing... Continue Reading →

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